Frequently Asked Questions

1. A Hysterectomy? What is it?
2. A Hysterectomy? What Kind?
3. Frightened and Anxious?
4. Go to doctor appointment with her?
5. How can the rest of the family and friends help?
6. How to Prepare the Room?
7. Is a Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Best?
8. Light housework? What is that?
9. No Libido?
10. Post-op bleeding?
11. SEX! When can we get back to normal?
12. Swelly belly? Tender belly?
13. Trouble getting out of bed?
14. What Type of Surgeon for Cancer?
15. When can she cook?
16. Why Does She Need a Second Opinion?
17. Why is my wife not feeling better?

* Frightened and Anxious?

My wife is scheduled for surgery in a few weeks. She is very frightened. Her anxiety level is high. What can I tell her that will calm her down?

Even if your wife is usually calm, her upcoming surgery will cause her to worry about the actual experience of the surgery. She may write letters to loved ones and friends, expressing her feelings for them in case "the worst" happens.

Women may discuss their fears with their spouse, and encourage him to be a “merry widower” and get married again if the opportunity arises. Other women decide to revise their will, or they inform relatives about their music selection preferences for their funeral.

How can you help? The simple answer is…there isn't one way to help her through this. There are those who say they are calmed by placing themselves in the hands of God. Others find satisfaction in getting their personal affairs in order…“getting all their ducks in a row” so to speak. Many women find that talking frankly about their fear of death with a close friend or relative helps. Don’t hesitate to ask her to share her feelings about this with you. The comfort that you can provide can be immeasurable.

Remind her of your love and committment. It will go a long way!