Frequently Asked Questions

1. A Hysterectomy? What is it?
2. A Hysterectomy? What Kind?
3. Frightened and Anxious?
4. Go to doctor appointment with her?
5. How can the rest of the family and friends help?
6. How to Prepare the Room?
7. Is a Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Best?
8. Light housework? What is that?
9. No Libido?
10. Post-op bleeding?
11. SEX! When can we get back to normal?
12. Swelly belly? Tender belly?
13. Trouble getting out of bed?
14. What Type of Surgeon for Cancer?
15. When can she cook?
16. Why Does She Need a Second Opinion?
17. Why is my wife not feeling better?

* No Libido?

My wife has no sexual desire anymore. It seems like she is not interested in me at all. Will she ever want to have sex anymore?

Sometimes after a hysterectomy hormone levels fall and are not adequately replaced. This can lead to a variety of vaginal problems like irritation, dryness and pain. The womans libido can be affected also with her desire being low and a loss of sensation making orgasm hard to achieve or non-existent. All of these things can become quite depressing and can further hamper her desire.

On the Hyster Sisters support boards the community hears concerns about this very subject on a regular basis. The ladies are desperate for this part of their lives back also. Unless there is some nerve damage, with hormonal balance this can be achieved. It may just take a little time and some added effort on your part to stir up those emotions until the both of you get through this period of hormonal stress.

We can also recommend having your wife discuss her lack of libido with her doctor. There are products with testosterone that many Hyster Sisters have found to be a great help.