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1. A Hysterectomy? What is it?
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* Post-op bleeding?

I had no idea my wife would be bleeding or need to use pads when she came home from the hospital. Is this typical? If so, how long will she bleed/spot?

Its typical for hysterectomy patients to have some discharge after surgery.

Post op bleeding/spotting is usually light red spotting for the first week or so followed by brownish discharge. As the tissue inside the vagina heals, along with the vaginal cuff, the spotting is lighter and lighter until it is gone. Usually this is by 4 weeks post-op.

Many women have significantly less spotting. Many women have more.

And of course if her bleeding changes in color from brown to bright red and she is soaking through a pad, you should call the surgeon's office.

If she is still spotting at her post-op checkup with the surgeon, its a good idea to talk about it. In some cases, the vaginal cuff may not be healing properly and the doctor will apply something like silver nitrate to speed up the healing.