Frequently Asked Questions

1. A Hysterectomy? What is it?
2. A Hysterectomy? What Kind?
3. Frightened and Anxious?
4. Go to doctor appointment with her?
5. How can the rest of the family and friends help?
6. How to Prepare the Room?
7. Is a Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Best?
8. Light housework? What is that?
9. No Libido?
10. Post-op bleeding?
11. SEX! When can we get back to normal?
12. Swelly belly? Tender belly?
13. Trouble getting out of bed?
14. What Type of Surgeon for Cancer?
15. When can she cook?
16. Why Does She Need a Second Opinion?
17. Why is my wife not feeling better?

* Why Does She Need a Second Opinion?

Isn't it a waste of time and money to get a second opinion about her upcoming surgery? Why does HysterSisters suggest it?

Once a doctor suggests treating an ongoing medical issue with a hysterectomy, it's always best to take some time to get all the information available.

Rarely is a hysterectomy an emergency (life saving, immediate surgery). A cancer diagnosis is the most compelling reason to have a hysterectomy because this can be life saving.

However, for other GYN conditions, there are other treatment options available. Your wife should explore them all as she tries to avoid surgery.

Getting a second or third opinion will add more information to the decision making process and perhaps allow surgery to be postponed for a while as more information provides better understanding.

There are no money back guarantees. Be patient and explore all options before scheduling surgery.