Frequently Asked Questions

1. A Hysterectomy? What is it?
2. A Hysterectomy? What Kind?
3. Frightened and Anxious?
4. Go to doctor appointment with her?
5. How can the rest of the family and friends help?
6. How to Prepare the Room?
7. Is a Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Best?
8. Light housework? What is that?
9. No Libido?
10. Post-op bleeding?
11. SEX! When can we get back to normal?
12. Swelly belly? Tender belly?
13. Trouble getting out of bed?
14. What Type of Surgeon for Cancer?
15. When can she cook?
16. Why Does She Need a Second Opinion?
17. Why is my wife not feeling better?

* Why is my wife not feeling better?

I keep thinking my wife should be feeling better. Could she still be in pain? She sleeps a lot! The doctor said 6 weeks to recover. What's taking so long?

We know you want a healthy and active wife but healing does take time. Even if she had a laproscopic hysterectomy, there is still much the body must do to heal. Add to the recovery time if the HysterSisters had anterior and/or posterior repair, endometriosis or adenomyosis or any additional surgery during her hysterectomy.

Many HysterSisters report back to us that at 4 weeks they are still not feeling well and many are too exhausted to consider returning to work at 6 weeks. (Others are ready to resume normal activities at 6 weeks).

You know the saying, "One picture is worth 1,000 words"? Visit our video section for "Hysterectomy Types" to look at actual videos of a hysterectomy so you can see what is really involved.

Check with your Hyster Sister's doctor and listen to her. Feeling exhausted, drained and sore even at 8 weeks isn't uncommon.

Of course if she is running a fever at any time, call her surgeon and take her to his/her offices for a checkup.