Post Hysterectomy - She stopped HRT?

I am a supportive,caring, and loving husband to my wife. That being said, she had a full hysterectomy 4 1/2 months ago. She was to use Climarra patch. Two months ago (unbeknowst to me) she discontinued using the patch. I sensed a change and became more attentive (and probably more intense) . Now she is highly aggitated at me or is very close to total frustration with anything I do to try to help. (I have recommended a visit to Gyn, marital counseling etc.) Even giving her "space and distance" aggitates her because she get worried that her ambivalence is driving me away through attrition. How best do I proceed to cultivate an environment of healing, compassion and empathy under these combative, irrational terms?

From the HysterSisters:

You don't say how old your wife is, but if she had not gone through menopause prior to her hysterectomy/oopherectomy, by discontinuing her HRT she is experiencing surgical menopause.

Encourage her to see her doctor. Encourage her to read books regarding the need for hormone therapy.

Perhaps you could consider going with her to a checkup at GYN to discuss her health needs including having a hormone level tested with the expectation of needed HRT. Hopefully her doctor will guide her to a hormone therapy that is easy for her and helps make her feel better.

The key is hormone balance. Without hormone balance, emotional health is difficult to manage.

Until then, remind her you are there for the long-haul and want her to be happy once again.