Separation after hysterectomy?

My wife had a partial hysterectomy. The first 2 months after the surgery, she felt better than she had in over a year. Then, she started to distance herself from me and her children. After three months of slowly removing herself from the family environment, she moved out. We have been separated for over three months now. During this time she has been diagnosed with depression. The medication that the doctor gave her has helped alot over the last 2 months. She is still out on her own, and is still not wanting to work to restore our marraige. Can this be from her surgery? How can I support her to help her with her problems? I love my wife very much and want only the best for her.

From the HysterSisters

We have found that some women suffer from depression after a hysterectomy which can have various causes. Hormones could be out of adjustment and need tweaking. The emotional toil of losing the womb can be another factor. Other women report that the surgery is a crossroads for a change in their life that they had long contemplated but didn't dare act upon. While many women report that this change in their life results in going back to school, changing jobs, becoming an artist, taking more vacations, sadly we have heard of women who also change their family situation.

We can only suggest that you seek a counselor to help you best deal with your separation and how you can support and love your wife through this difficult time for you both. And we encourage her to seek medical help to handle her depression.