Help me make things right

Dear Hyster Sisters,

Tomorrow is the big day July 21, 2005. My fiance is having her hystrectomy and post. repair.

The thing is I really haven't been sensitive to her needs emotionally or physically. She has been asking me to help out and all I could do is lay around and sleep. I don't know if its to late but I'm trying to make up for it. I am so deeply in love with her so I'm emailing in hopes that this may be posted somewhere on your website. I want to help her over this hurdle in our lives and learn how understand how she is feeling.

I love you babygirl

From the HysterSisters

Its not too late to take some action now to let your fiance know that you are there to help her. Ask her what she needs. Ask her how you can help her. If she shrugs you off, stick around anyway. Be at the hospital during her surgery. Sit with her quietly and allow her to talk. Take her concerns of fear and pain seriously. Read through the FAQ here on the MisterHysterSisters website for more info on specific ways you can help.