Relationship Problem

My wife of 18 years had prolapsed uterus removed. I took two weeks off to stay with her and care for the children cook meals and generally be the mom/dad thing. I wanted to do this and went well until about 4 weeks post op when my wife informed me that she did not love me anymore, and does not want me to be even see her out of her clothes. This surgery was performed vaginally, and I also stayed with her all nite at the hospital, tending to her needs. Our relationship was never better up to and just after the surgery, and the surgery even seemed to bring us closer together...for about three weeks. I have not attempted to be intimate with her, for about 7 months. Thats right I said months before the surgery, as I did not want her to feel uncomfortable with the prolapse and all, so its been about a year since we have been intimate, and I still do not press the issue. I can wait. Is this a normal thing after this type of surgery, or has my lovely wife just had a mid life (she is 36) crisis or what? She does not seem to realize how many people she is hurting, its almost as if she doesn't care. Can you help? She grudgingly agreed to see the Dr. on friday, but doesn,t think there is anything wrong.thanks for your help.....I am a patient man, but I gotta know if the surgery could be the reason for her drastic change.

Please help.

From HysterSisters

Recovery from a hysterectomy can be a simple process or one that takes an emotional toll on the family.

I think you are on the right track to encourage your wife to see a doctor for evaluation. Perhaps her hormones can be evaluated as well as her emotional health.

Dealing with the stress of healing can be very trying to a relationship. I would encourage you to pursue getting help for her .....and for yourself with a valued friend or counselor in your area.