Long Term Recovery?

My wife, (DPH), is 6 weeks out from LSH w/ oophorectomy. Incisions are healing well. She is experiencing some swelling when she sits up for a long period of time. She has much difficulty getting comfortable at night. She is still not comfortable driving (this past Friday was her first full day back to work). My wife tries to walk at least a mile on her treadmill every morning.

She read that it will take anywhere from 6 - 12 months to completely heal internally. Her doctor initially prescribed Premarin after surgery. This caused her to break out in hives after two weeks. The doctor then prescribed Cenestin, but this wasn't effective. She is now taking Estratest, and it seems to be doing the job. She has noticed a difference in skin temperature between her abdomen and any other area.

We both did a lot of research before her surgery (HysterSisters provided a wealth of information - thanks). We did not realize how little information would be available from the doctor or the hospital after surgery. We wanted to hear from anyone who could share their experiences with us and could give us an idea what to expect long-term with respect to recovery. Thanks.

From the HysterSisters:

Its not unusual to hear from women who are 6 weeks post-op hysterectomy who are not back to their normal selves. In fact, many report that when they are released to head back to work, they do not feel ready.

Tender bellies at 6 weeks should be discussed with a physician to make sure all is healing well, especially if the belly has a "temperature" and is hot to the touch. This could indicate an infection that requires medical attention and will slow up the healing from the hysterectomy.

In most cases, a tender belly at 6 weeks post-op means that perhaps "too much too soon" is happening. Maybe slow down the extra exercise and activities a bit. Your wife's body will talk to her. If she does too much, by the end of the day she will be more swollen and tender.

She should see a significant recovery milestone at 6 months and again at one year and you both will be able to rejoice in her feeling much better as time rolls on. Encourage her to keep reading at HysterSisters (and posting her questions there) as she needs input. We are here to help!