What can I expect?

My wife is scheduled for her hysterectomy this coming Friday - they will be leaving the ovaries.

She is just shy of 42 and is very good physical shape. We are scheduled to go out of town in 2 weeks for a vacation in Cancun - her doctor has told her that this will not be a problem.

My questions are:
1. Is this true or just wishful thinking ?
2. What is the real recovery period for this type of hyster ?
3. What should I be prepared for for her post-op recovery period ?

From Hyster Sisters:

I think the doctor is being optimistic. At best, your wife would probably be exhausted and uncomfortable during your trip.

An average sort of recovery period is about 6-8 weeks. Depends on the way the surgery is done, what-all is being removed or repaired, and each individual's tolerance of pain and their healing capacity.

What to expect during her recovery...

Your wife will need *rest* - like feet-up, not having to do anything, relaxed *rest*. She should not be making meals, doing laundry, reaching, stooping, lifting, bending... even sitting up is hard for a while.

She will need help with chores around the house and someone getting her meals for her. She may requires help showering and bathing for a few days.

She may be strangely emotional and need additional TLC! She may feel good, and ambitious at times, then crash suddenly! She won't be able to drive a car for a while.

Read through the rest of our FAQ here at Mister Hyster Sisters for a better sense of her needs.