To My Family

by SDeSilva

I was lazy for a few years. What I thought was a asymptomatic fibroid turned out to be adenomyosis now we're facing surgery. Going from being a healthy person to needing major surgery has not been easy. I've cried, tried to find other options, tried to run away.Now as the days pass it looks as if though I will be walking into the hospital for a treatment which may be a hysterectomy.

I wanted to write this letter to say thank you for all the love and support especially the tough love. I wanted to run away, put off the surgery. I wanted to hide and keep going because to me everything is fine. You all keep me from doing that.

I am afraid, I am frightened of general anaesthetic, of the surgery, of not waking up. I will be begging the surgeon and the anesthetist to look after me and bring me back to all of you so I can take care of you when I get better. I have been the luckiest person alive to have been blessed with a family like you. A husband, two mothers, two fathers. You have shouldered my burden for the last three months from the diagnosis.

When I go in for this surgery, when I am recovering, I will keep thinking of all of you, of how you cared for me. Kept my spirits up. I will remember the love I experienced and feel so overwhelmed and humble. This will bring me through it all.

Thank you family. I love you to the moon and back.