Thank you lovey- 6/20 post op

by fluffy_kitten

You are the strongest, most patient man I have met x one million. Thank you for making surgery day less scary by making me laugh in pre op and making me see that you will still see me as the woman you married 11 years ago. Thank you for staying as long as you could in my recovery room before going home so you'd get enough rest to take care of me the next day and for telling the night nurses to let me sleep because I was off my meds and didn't mean to be grouchy at them(I am bipolar, when I miss meds not good). Thank you for holding my hand when I couldn't stop throwing up in recovery. Thank you for the little things you have done since I have been home that have meant so much, like eating my make ahead meals even though I thought they were yucky too! But the biggest help for me, the hardest thing for me not to be able to do is bathe right now and you have taken that task on like it's no big deal even though it's hard for me. You are my hero, my best friend, you are my Batman and I am so incredibly lucky!