To my family

by Lcookerly

To my wonderful mother, sister and hubby,
You are all my rock for so many different reasons. To my husband for being there for me and taking care of me for 6 weeks. To my mom for always listening to me and answering my billions of menopause questions (I had a total hysterectomy). And to my wonderful little sister who is just such a wonderful woman and stands by me and is just so full of love. I want you all to understand what an emotional struggle this is for me. I don't feel like a complete woman anymore and I am really trying to find myself again. My physical pain is finally gone hallelujah but my emotional pain isn't quite gone yet. God is on my side and I know he will help me thru this funk. To my husband this isn't a problem I need to you to fix or diagnose. I need you to just be patient and understand my emotional state is very fragile. I love you all so so very much.