Dear hubby

by Tlbmrf

Dear hubby,

I'm sorry at they age of 25 years old while most of your friends are figuring out life you are sitting here taking care of me after surgery. I'm sorry you will never experience having another child of our own. With all that said here are a few things you can do to help me with this tough time. Talk to me even though I'm working through my emotions I want you to talk to me about your feelings too. I know you mean well when you say "we can just adopt or do foster care" but babe I'm only a few weeks out of surgery I'm not ready to hear those things. Instead of keeping your feelings from me tell me because finding them out other ways really hearts and makes me feel you really don't love me. Above all show me love aND be there with a shoulder to cry on if needed. Validate my feelings don't say things like oh she just hates the world today.
Love your wife.