Dear Men

by lostheart2428

Please understand that a hysterectomy is a major procedure and is hard on all women and depending on other factors it can be very debilitating to some. We are loosing major female organs and are left with nothing, and no we don't feel hollow, though a lot of us are left feeling empty, lost, alone and very scared especially when our "partner" is not very emotionally supportive. Yes, we are tired very tired and not just a physical tired. Remember we just had a major operation that took some thing from us we will never get back. (How would you like to loose your testicles?) It causes not only physical pain but a deep emotional hurt as well. As the physical wounds heal which can take 6 week or more by the way, you need to understand we are having to find who we are all over again. Some of us do very well and heal physically and emotionally in a very short time. Others of us take more time or try to rush the process because we feel we have to because of various reasons.
Men, please do not be afraid to do "women's" work don't be afraid to tell your "partner" that you are there for them and that it is ok to grieve or hurt. Don't try to rush her hold her tight and let her cry let her know it is ok if she just wants to sleep some days. Do not use harsh words or tone of voice she is very emotionally fragile right now and it takes so very little to break her, and do not blame her for anything. Please just take good care of her in this time of need.