To my wonderful hubby

by LH25

Hi Honey,

Well, here we are where we never expected. Just a month ago, I started bleeding very suddenly and heavily. You stayed calm as I sat on the toilet terrified of what was happening. You called 911, got enough clothes on me so I was less embarrassed, and sat in the room with me through all the exams and listened and asked good questions that I didn't think to.

You have been there through all the appointments as we learned what they at first thought were fibroids turned into a "concerning biopsy" and we were told I'd be having a hysterectomy and might have cancer. I know you freaked out a bit to your friends, but to me you have been calm and listened to my fears, and cried with me.

I know you know WAY more about my anatomy then you ever wanted to, but I love that you have been involved in the discussions. That you will be there when I wake up from surgery and find out what we are facing.

I love you even more after 22 years. And look forward to you having to do all the housework for a while!