You could have written a book

by JoJiLyNn

Dear Gentle Giant,
5 times you helped me prepare for surgery, we cleaned the house together,you made sure I had everything packed for the hospital because you knew I was nervous and had alot on my mind. you would stay up with me all night because I couldn't sleep.
4 times you kept calm as we hurried to the ER, and how unbelievably strong you kept as they rushed me to emergency surgery. You would sit in the waiting room by yourself with two phones waiting on the doctor to see what kind of calls you would have to make . I will never forget the excruciating pain of my ovary that kept twisting and getting stuck to my colon. But remember we called it "Lucky Lefty" because it was my only ovary after I lost the right one.
6 times we held eachother when we lost our babies. Thank you for allowing me to keep the last 4 between just us and the doctor, I got tired of having to explain "what happened" to everyone.
1 time, that will last a lifetime, you held my hand as we sat in the doctors office and I told him I was ready to have a hysterectomy. You were my unmovable rock through all of it. After the surgery when I was really emotional and would cry, you would hold me in your arms and say things like "Don't feel bad, it's ok, the doctor said you would be a little emotional" and even when "the crazies" kicked in, you never judged me, you just loved me unconditionally and when I would apologize that we would never have children I will never forget you saying "I just want you to be healthy and surgery free, so we can go out and enjoy life together, just us"

So thank you for being my Gentle Giant I love you