Unhappy 25th Anniversaty

by Farmgal73

How do I begin? Let's start with nearly 12 months ago when you asked what I wanted for our Silver Anniversary. I immediately say my dream....to visit Alaska. A dream I have shared many times over the years, but am ever so hopeful that now will be the time, now that the kids are grown and there is more time for us. You reply immediately with no, now is not the time to spend that kind of money, flying is to complicated, etc. etc. etc. I was crushed so dropped the subject.
Fast forward to 6 months ago, in law drama gets me to thinking about the perfect gift for you instead. I come up with a plan to surprise you with a trip of your own. To visit your family in OK that you have not visited for 35 years. Even though some of them have been to visit here and there has been contact, you have longed to go back.

Fast forward again to late November, tha game is in play, the surprise about to be revealed. You are completely surprised, everything goes off without a hitch. My months of planning and working extra hours to save for the trip reward me with you being completely and utterly speechless. The trip is wonderful for you. The only hiccup being unexpected bad weather that caused us to have to leave a day early.

Now to my reason for this retelling of a story that you already know......

Not even a thank you was heard during or since the trip for my efforts......

We left for our trip only 4 days before our biggest milestone anniversary and yet there has of yet been no mention of a gift at all, not even a card...

Do I mean so little to you?

Do our years together not rate even the smallest of gestures of a Happy Anniversary from you?

My emotional hurt is so deep that I can almost feel it physically.

I love you with all my heart and yearn for your love in return.

How to make you understand these things when thinking about it is so immensely painful that the thought of talking about it is unbearable?

With love from the pieces of my broken heart,