I promise.

by avazoom0

Dear Honey,

I know what hard work it is to handle all the responsibilities you usually have, and to add on top of that taking care of every need I may have. I know during the preparation for this and now following surgery, there have been times you haven't felt well either, but you have always seen to it that I am taken care of. I will never forget the total loving devotion you have shown me.

You are an incredible man. I am so honored to be your wife. I know in just two weeks we will have our first wedding anniversary and I am not really up to doing much to celebrate that, but I am so joyful at the thought of this our first of many anniversaries! You always say it to me, and i want you to know, I'm going to love you forever. I promise. Thank you isn't enough to show my gratitude for these past couple months, but I will show you during our life together.