my. best friend my love

by missyw1964

My dear love,
You have been my rock from the beginning , when we found out about the endometriosis you said together we will get through this we're in this together.
You held me when I cried from pain, let me rant and rave during my moody moments. But we also had some laughs I must not forget.
But most of all when I had my hysterectomy before I could express my fears you looked into my eyes, put your loving arms around me and said don't worry we will be just fine. I'll be right here and when I opened my eyes you were right there just as you promise.
When I came home you would have carried me into the house if you could . You've wiped my tears, made my dinners, and not once complained or asked what's in it for me?
For many reasons you are the light of my life, my night in shining armor I can't thank you enough for all that you have done. I'm lucky to have a husband like you.