You are truly my Hero

by caliRN13

The day before surgery you encouraged me to rest. I didn't listen. You were right by my side looking so worried at the hospital. You took a week off of work, waiting on me hand and foot. Helping me out of bed for the first few nights ever couple hours so I could pee. You dressed me, rubbing lotion on my feet because they were swollen, then putting my socks on me.
You took me to my one week check up. Always being carful to make sure nobody ran into me.
You cooked and made sure my clothed were clean. You took care of it all.
The next week you had to go back to work and called every couple of hours, then brought me lunch at lunchtime (even though i could have made a sandwich)
You made sure I wasn't going to stress out about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. You ordered it from a restaurant, we even have left overs.
You still get up in the middle of the night to get me dry clothes, (your favorite Tshirts )the night sweats are awful. You hold me while I cry and fall asleep on you while I snore.
You have been my hero through this whole experience. You are my night in shinning armor.
I love you so much! Thank You Honey