My Bear, My Rock, My World, My Hero, My Husband

by islandblues86


Yes, I addressed you as Bear, why? because you are my Bear. You are more than just my Bear though. When I met you, 4 1/2 years ago, you were a mess. Your life was a mess, everything was a mess. I gave you a chance though, and informed you that early on if children were something you wanted in life, I was not the girl for you. I opened my heart and gave you my weakness and instead of running away or bidding me goodbye, you stayed. You took a chance, and you decided after 6 months to bring me with you on a work trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In Mexico you decided to take a risk. A risk you hadn't in the past, and you admitted on a sandy beach as the sun was setting for the evening and a cocktail party was going to commence that you loved me. I had not ever been so happy in my life, my feelings were mutual and it was the best vacation I had ever been on. A few months later, you decided to up the I love you, and propose to me in the sweetest way possible. I awoke on New Year's Eve morning and was surprised with you, and the most thoughtful and heart felt proposal a girl could ever experience. My ring wasn't the biggest, most glamorous diamond, it was small and dainty, but it was beautiful to me. We planned a grand wedding, and three months prior to our grand wedding I do's. I had a change of heart. I didn't want the grand wedding. Our family's were simply awful, and always questioned everything we did and how we did it. So together we decided to run off the Las Vegas and get married. It was the best decision of my life. Marrying you in Vegas was perfect and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I didn't need the world to see my marriage to know that our love is real. I just needed you. I still need you. I will always need you by my side. Our marriage is unlike any other. After we got married, we adopted our beautiful pure white, terrified of the world American Eskimo aka Chloe (Lola) Simone, and then my health took a turn for the worst. I spent days, weeks, months and eventually over a year, bleeding nonstop. Doctors unable to figure out why I kept bleeding, why it was so heavy, why I was in the ER 2-3 times a week as I was losing so much blood. I was in so much pain, I never wanted to leave bed or even the house. I isolated myself from the world, but you stayed by my side. You took care of me, you spent countless hours in the hospital with me until the early hours of the morning and went to work on only a couple hours of sleep, and worked 12+ hours while I stayed at home and rested from the entire ordeal. Nobody understood what was going on with me. You just simply knew I was miserable. Even our dogs knew I was miserable. I put on weight during the time and it only made me worse. The medicine made me insane, my moods were up and down and always changing, never stable. I was irrational and emotional, but you stayed. After a year of suffering, I asked you if you'd be alright with me seeking treatment elsewhere. I just wanted my life back after all, and so I went to seek further advice. I merely told the doctor my story, and immediately she knew what was wrong. She knew my situation was bleak and she knew I was suffering. My uterus was falling apart, my body was overloaded with hormones and my spirits were down. She was the first doctor to offer me any sort of help. The hysterectomy. I almost cried when she informed me my life would soon go back to somewhat normal. She informed me as well that the hysterectomy would take a toll on me later on more so vs at that moment in time. My only setback or so I thought was getting you to agree to the hysterectomy as we were married without children, I was very shocked when you didn't hesitate and you insisted it needed to be done so you could have your lively, bold wife back. I had the surgery, and you stayed home with me during my recovery, you didn't care about work, you just stayed and took care of me. You motivated me to get up and move the hours following my surgery so I could go home and sleep in our overly comfortable bed, and I did. No hospital was going to have me as an overnight guest.Together we were recovering, and you noticed my spirits returning each day that followed my hysterectomy. I became me again, at least until the realization that no children was no longer a doctor talking, but an actual reality. I have suffered a lot since then and I know you have too, but we are fighting to beat it together. Our future is looking bright, we are buying our first home together, we are adopting another puppy, and did I mention you replaced my dainty diamond with the most gorgeous ring ever because you felt it is what I deserve? You are the most amazing husband a girl could ever have. Most men would have jumped ship being unable to be sexually active for over a year, yet you remained. You didn't stray, you stayed true to me and to your Vegas style vows. For all of these reasons, I am eternally grateful that God hand picked you as my husband, and I love you more than life itself. Thank you for being everything I could have imagined and everything I could not. As you always say to me, I will say it to you.... it's You and Me VS. The World.

Wifey Poo