To My Favourite Husband Tony!

by Sandra519

Oh wait a minute you are my only husband. I met you when I was 14 and you 16, we married when I was 19 and you 21. Here we are now at 53 and 55 and married almost 35 years and you never stop amazing me. I can't thank you enough for looking after me these past few months. When I was afraid you comforted me. When I went for surgery you were right there by my side. You have had to do the grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and pretty much everything else the past few weeks while I recover. You never complained once, you just kept offering to help me in every way possible. There where times when I though I should do more and you reminded my that I was to rest for 6 weeks and that is what I should do. Some days I have mood swings where I am up and down like a and you help me get through those times and always change my tears to laughter. When I have hot flashes in the middle of the night, you never complain that I put the fan on, you just turn on your side of the bed warmer, you are just the best.This has been a journey for us and we are going to get through it. As we travel through this life together we know that Life Is a Journey and we have to enjoy the ride! I love you with all my heart. Sandra