To my mother-in-law

by rengoode

A week before surgery, you tell me I am a horrible wife and a bad mother only because I did not like what you had said to me and decided to defend myself.

Dear Deborah,

Before my surgery that will change my life, I feel the need to say what is on my mind.

I forgive you
I forgive you without an apology
Forgiving you means forgiving myself
Forgiving you means gaining control over my emotions
Forgiving you means not letting your words hurt me anymore
Forgiving you gives me power over my destiny
I forgive you even if you donít forgive me
I am forgiving you for me, not you
I forgive you

Despite how you feel about me, I will no longer allow your words and actions to bring me down or affect my life in a negative way. If I allow them to bring me down, I am giving you power to control my emotions. I am going to deny surrendering myself to your words and actions. I am going to let it all go.

Iím Letting go
Letting go the dream of having a mother
Letting go the desire for a mother-daughter relationship
Letting go of the desire for a fulfilling mother and daughter-in-law relationship
Letting go the hurtful words and actions done towards me
Letting go of the emotions that limit my life
Iím Letting go

As I release these feelings and gain control over my life once again through forgiveness and letting go, I will share what I will gain.

I gain
I gain love from my husband
I gain love from my children
I gain love and value for myself
I gain an appreciation of life
I gain knowledge
I gain power
I gain back my own destiny
I gain

I will forgive you, let things go, and continue to gain and thrive in my life regardless of your words and actions. I have faith that Brian, Joseph, and Jocelyn will be here no matter what due to the unconditional love I give them all.