you're a keeper...i won't sell you on ebay!

by nuttinbutbootz

Anthony anthony anthony. You are amazing. And i am humbled. We had only been together for 23 days when u whisked me to the ER on my 39th (again) bday. My head and heart say im 39 but my body said...P.R.O.L.A.P.S.E. loud and clear. I couldnt move. You undressed me. You got a urine sample--and it was that time of month. You held the barf bag just in case. You held me thru the anxiety attacks and needles. You gave me a roof over my head and havent kicked me out yet! You patiently helped me wallow 2 months until surgery. You took off work for that time. You lost sleep. You bought me a kindle and beautiful flowers. And you didnt eat all my nilla wafers. You took me to your home again with our new little friend...the catheter bag. You changed it religiously. You inserted the magic enema and we did a high five when it finally did the trick. You never made a face or gagged--at least in front of me. Through pain and tears and throw up you rubbed my head and seriously sexually desired me. You have made me feel like a priority. I love how you say "we" when you talk about the future. Im assuming that doesnt mean the dawg. I thank you, anthony, with all my heart. Thank you for taking serious care of me for 104 days straight without a grumble and without being driven to drink. You have been a guardian angel--plopped in my life at just the right time (at least from my perspective.) Thank you for not abandoning me. I look fwd to a complete recovery where i will have the ability to spoil and adore you. Until then, thank you. Thank you for taking care of me gently and lovingly. I am blessed. I will NOT sell you on ebay. Xoxo