Dear Sweet Bear

by Carolann14

I cherish the love we share together you are my best friend my companion we have been threw so much this year and I am going to be better and stronger.
I know this has been a struggle finding out the MS, headaches new Dr's all the time. I am sure you didn't sign up for this. we ended up with this thing called a family. Ashlee is going to graduate got a job has her license she makes me so proud. Jayden is just the sweetest little boy he will do anything I ask. Michael is just my love bug he keeps me warm when daddy is not home all 3 of my children are very special to me yes I get frustrated and I get mad at them but when anyone of them smile my anger melts into love. you on the other hand know me like a book you know when I am angry you know when I am mad and the way you can look into my eyes and ask me if I want to fight lol I always oblige with a kiss and a hug. you know how to take all my pain away you know what makes me happy when I am feeling blue I spend all of my time thinking of you and the kids you are my life my joy and loves

Love always,