My one and only

by madchemist37

As I get ready to go back to work and this routine called "life" I could have never crossed this path without you! I read all these posts of unselfish manners and something foreign to me as a love that is not unconditional. I could never imagine a recovery like that!
So to you my love, I thank you for your patience when ur ever ready spirirt to roam and I was content to lay. When u wanted the heat turned off and I was always soooooo cold. For when u were bored with CNN and my sudden interest in news daily but u left it on! Oh and who could forget my sudden urge to become a proffesional poker player with all my couch time spent playing with fake money!!
These last few days of quiet walks on the beach, holding hands, collecting momentos, and sneaking kisses were the best. I could never ask for a better nurse, friend partner in crime or lover
Thank u baby for everything! I could not made it thru without u! Sorry it got scary but we grew even closer than I would ever imagine.
I will continue to love u forever!
Your Pook