My Partner, my Best Friend, My Soulmate....


I simply love this man. Since the first week in January he has been in this struggle with me and debiltating pain. He has been the one to call EMS on both occassions. After having an emergency LSH He was their from beginning to end. He made sure my family, friends and job was aware of what was occuring with me. While doing all these wonderful things and giving unwavering support deep inside he was very scared of the outcome, but he stayed strong for me. My post opt care I've wanted for nothing even when I was fallening apart emotionally he stood strong. I prayed one day I would have a man who loved and care for me unconditionally and in him I have that. I'm looking forward to each we have together praying we will be blessed with continued love and good health. I thank God for bringing me you and keeping us strong through this.

All my love..ME