Dear love

by suzzyque3

I am so grateful u have been there fir me , took time off work to help me. I tell u everyday I'm grateful , I say thank you did every lil task you do but PLEASSSEEE stop throwing in my face such comments like " it's a good thing your not single" and " oh I'm sure ur ex would have done all this for u" to feed ur insecurities or ego.
I love you , we are married . Ur right I'm not single otherwise I would have had to make other arrangements .
Prior to my surgery I did ALL the cooking and cleanjng , All of it . I prepped all our food prior to surgery so you would only have to heat up things , my daughter cane to clean .
So once again thank you for all you do , for being there but please stop acting like your a superhero . I just had a hysterctomy , complications two blood transfusions another surgery after almost bleeding out . If anyone is a superhero it's me