Dear Loved Ones

by NESNNovella93

Dear Loved Ones,

Never in a millions years, did I envision, I would wake up one day, to realize I was going to need a hysterectomy. I wanted to let Nature Take its Course.

I'd always been worried about how menopause was going to affect my MS. And now, we are all about to find out!

I have had the feeling, that in my mom's death from Ovarian Cancer, because of her, I may be saved!

Hearing the news, it could be cancer, benign or a Borderline Cancer, the tears kept flowing in my doctors office.

Always, having had such a strong libido, knowing that having the ovaries removed, can drop that, is disheartening.

BUT, loved ones, I also know there are medicines out there to help me regain energy and libido. If it's not going to be some form of HRT treatment, I am not afraid to ask for a certain anti-depressant, that is shown to improve energy and fatigue. I am not afraid to explore all avenues to ensure I will be OK.

For you mom, you once told me that if faced with the choice, if you could do it all over again, have the full blown Hysterectomy!!

Well, I am going for it, and am just waiting for the date!

Living is precious, this I have always known, but this past week, I am seeing objectively how huge a loss it would be, if I don't take this preventative measure!!

And then, we will all sit and wait and see, what is discovered in that little petri dish, that this 2cm growth will call it's new home!!

My sorority song was, I Will Survive!!! YES, I will, Sisters and Brothers, alike!!

I feel, we will all do a little dance, when this stage is over!!