Dear Honey,

by 13Blessings

My super awesome husband is squeamish about all things biological and typically won't even stand to be in the bathroom when I pee. After my surgery on 6/13/13, my bladder was stubborn and I couldn't go, so I was given a folly catheter and my dear husband was shown how to empty it and ultimately how to pull it out. So for that first evening, night and morning my dear hubby dutifully emptied my catheter bag held the bag as he helped me struggle in and out of bed and ultimately helped deflate the balloon holding it in place and pulled it for me. He then prayed with me that I could pee without having to be re-cathed the next day; and I peed!

God bless the man that loved me so much as to overcome his personal biological hang ups and love me so much as to care for me in such a vulnerable way.

I am so thankful for his love and care through this whole process.

Thank you honey!