TO My LOVING SUPPORTIVE MAN, My rock! best advice 4 hyster misters out there...

by crysta78

Dear Honey,
Thank you for being there from beginning to end for me. Holding my hand in the Surgical Prep area until they wheeled me down the hall to remove my uterus and cervix.
THank you honey for being there when I woke up and Thank you for the flowers I saw. It feels good to know that I have a man who cares.
Thank you for enduring the 6 week no Sex with me so far. You said, If I have to suffer you would suffer! I love you for that.

THank you honey for all the cuddling and all the times I cried my eyes out on the phone because I Feell "less of a woman" Thank you for pumping my head up and telling me how much more beautiful and glowy I seem since the surgery.
Thank you for helping me with my boys that aren't yours but you are trying to do your best to be the man in their lives that they need.

I know you have your dad's sickness and work to take care of but yet you still find time for me and my children. Thank you!

~(Guys who are lurking here on HysterSisters Let me tell you a few things if your woman is having this surgery no matter which approach is taken Wait on her for the first few days, show her how much she is loved and #1 Thing I can say is, DONT be SELFISH! Think about how you would want to be treated and then do that and MORE. That's the best advice I can give hister misters out there.)~

I LOVE you Robert P! I hope to one day marry you and though its obvious we wont be having our own child I hope we will have a kitten or two that will fill that void. I love you Honey!