Why should I have to ask???!!!

by Beltkm

Dear Husband,

If you see that there are 3 loads of laundry, dirty toilets, tubs that need scrubbed, dishes in the sink, floors that need mopped or vacuumed, numerous trash cans that need to be emptied, or beds that need made why do you wait till I have to ask our 10 year old son just for you to say " you should have asked". REALLY!!!!!!! If you know that these are things I always do and you were there when the doc said " no lifting, no bending over to scrub floors or tubs, and NO laundry", then why on earth should I have to ask!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong you are giving me alot of attention and helping keep me company but the house will not suddenenly grown arms and clean itself, and our children are in school all day and should not have to come home and take care of housework!!! Like you tell me " just use your head sometimes"!!!!!!!!! Ok I'm done venting now, and just so we are clear I do love you to the moon and back, but you suck at keeping our house clean!!