Almost normal

by Syrena

Honey, when you spoke to my dr at the hospital just after surgery, he told you that I would feel 'almost normal' after about 6 weeks. Why is it that after only 3 weeks, you think I should be completely free from pain? I am not supposed to be driving around for hours on end to look at houses. And now that I found one, without your help, we get to move. When I am four weeks out you want me to pack, move, and unpack?!? I am still healing! I had a major surgery and it will take more time than this for me to be able to do the things you expect me to do! All I want from you is understanding. You can't understand that I hurt! Please just take some of our responsibilities away from me, talk nice to me, and for Gods sake hug me when I'm crying instead of saying, in a gruff voice, whats wrong with you? The reason that I am posting this instead of telling you to your face, like I should probably do, is that I want to avoid the argument that would ensue. I wouldn't be able to tell you how I feel without you cutting me off because you get defensive. I truly love you but I need you to love me through this. It breaks my heart just knowing that I had the surgery. It's going to take longer than 2 weeks to get over it, if that ever happens.