I should have known you wouldn't be there...

by bnkr

I am so frustrated right now - but what is new. Nearly two weeks after my surgery and you have only been to see me twice. You are supposed to be my boyfriend. You are supposed to be there for me. We have been together for over a year and I wish I would have listened to my instincts earlier and broke it off with you. It makes it so much harder when I want you here but you won't come over. I don't feel well today and am worried that something is wrong as I have been running a fever and have started bleeding. You asked me if I wanted you come over I said yes that it would be nice to have you here and then you tell me that maybe you will just stay home and come over if I get worse. Well gee, thanks a lot. I guess if I get worse and end up having to go to the ER you will come then but in my opinion that is just too little too late.

I think that you have had it set in your mind from the time I told you I was having surgery, that I will not be the same person - less of a woman - and that our sex life will be horrible if not non-existent just because that is what you think happened with your mom and dad. I gave you many opportunities to walk away. I guess I should have pushed harder or just told you we were done. So now while I am dealing with my recovery I am also dealing with the constant disappointment you throw at me. It would have been much better to deal with a broken heart without having it drug out over the last few months.