Thank you- please hang in there with me

by dmmjsm2013

Sweetheart, you have been so patient and understanding with me so far- thank you. But I have a long road to haul. Hurting and being sick for this past year, finally having a diagnosis is wonderful. But now the harder part comes. Medications and side effects and surgery.... I am so scared. I am scared of the medicines, scared I will have to stop school and working because I am so miserably sick, scared you will see me as weak, scared of more weight gain, scared of surgery, scared of what will happen after surgery... will I be able to have sex the same? will it be different? and will you look at me different?
We have been married for so long, and I love you so much. I know you are here for me now... please hang in there with me. Please accept me through this and after. I really need you...