by Robbinnc1001

I have loved you to the moon and back and all you do is take and take and take. After my hysterectomy you wondered why everyone hated you. Could it be because you were more concerned about hanging out with your friends than taking care of your wife ? In the emergency room for this last scare the md comes in to tell me it's a tumor on my ovary I'm laying in the hospital bed crying wondering if its cancer and who will raise my young girls and all you do is continue to watch football and when I call you on it your reply is its play offs. I nursed you when you had your shoulder surgery and I've been by your side for your numerous appointments but let me need you and you're nowhere to be found. Although, I don't placate you as much as I used to because its never good enough so why waste the energy ? You'll never see what a good wife you have and the sacrifices I've made to put your needs above everyone else's. you'll never see that because you are a selfish controlling man that just disgust me.