You'll be the Best Advocate Evar

by prettydaisies

I know this is all a bit crazy, and it's happening all a bit fast. But we can do this together, and it's going to be OK.

You know how I know? In just these past few days of diagnosis, appointments, severe Lupron reactions, and sobbing episodes, you've been awesomer than I ever imagined. You shot up out of bed at 4am with just me mumbling "I need help" without question. You made sure that every appointment we went to was moving along: I was on the list to be seen, people had my info, walking up to follow up on questions. You set up a Google sheet to track all our stuff, and named it *HystLists*, which totally made me giggle. You've made the best, most adorably inappropriate jokes, you've been unrealistically optimistic, you had me send you the URL for Mister HysterSisters even after you made fun of the name.

Sometimes I worry a bit about what you're locking up inside when you're being so functional, sweet, understanding, positive, and awesome when I need it, which is basically all the time right now, and I imagine that's exhausting. Like that Deer In Headlights face you made when I told you what being an Advocate would mean, and asking you if you were up to the task even as just a point person with a team of people to help and support us both.

I know you hate asking for help, and so you're really bad at it. I know that your planning skills... could use some help. But we've got a whole month to sort things out, and we're building a support network to help us both. I'm here to help as long as I'm functional, so that you'll be a rock star when I'm not.

I know we're still building the crew, but I also know I'm not alone in this even now. Just know that YOU are not alone in this, either. We got this. It's all good. :*