My Darling One

by DeliaDeLyon

I am so, so sorry...I had no idea you were so scared- I never really considered how hard this has ,been for you, to see me go through this and have no control over the outcome, to stand by while I literally placed my life in the hands of a man you didn't even meet until after the surgery.

I knew you felt helpless, and that you hated that, and I'll never be able to really express my wonder or my gratitude for how incredibly supportive you've been but, until last night, I did not realize you were frightened, that you were dealing with the idea that all our plans, all your dreams for our future could be eliminated, that you were trying to figure out what a life without me could hold for you.
I love you, endlessly, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon but you go ahead and wake me up and hug me as tight as it take anytime you need to in order to reassure yourself that I'm ok- better now than I've been in years- and I am so, so sorry you had to face such fear in order for me to solve the problems I had.