My darling husband...

by HoneyBee4209

It's been 2 and a half weeks since my hysterectomy and you've copped a lot.
Before my surgery things were shaky there for a while, the C word frightened me so badly.
Neither of us knew how to communicate our fears without raised voices.
After surgery I felt like a new woman and a week post-op when I was told the cancer had been contained in the uterus was the best day I'd had in 5 yrs.
Menopause is rough, and not just on me. On you too. My moods are all over the shop and I'm crying for no reason. I'm so tired and so bored and restless all at the same time.
You plod along keeping the house going when I'm in a 'climb the clock tower' kind of mood. You fetch and carry for me and I'm grumpy a lot.
I try to tell you I love you and I am so thankful for you and all you do. Sometimes it gets lost.
In the mornings before you go to work, I try to be awake to tell you 'I love you!' and a big old 'I'm sorry' for anything I say before the day is through.
At 5pm - pill time - you sit with me in the coolest part of the house while I calm down and take my anti-depression meds, my HRT and the Valium that is keeping me from bearing arms and going bat**** crazy. You cool me down with cold packs and tender words while I sit there sobbing and freaking out.
I have no idea how long this is going to continue (God I hope it stops soon) but I am grateful to have you by my side.
I love you and I'm sorry if I yell at you tonight!
Summer in Australia is awful!
And apparently I am too for now xx