Thank you Hubby


I thank you for your support through this unpleasant journey. This fibroid has changed me inside and out. I know that it has forced me to become someone different. It has made life so miserable. It has made a strong, independent woman...weak and sensitive...full of pain and worry. I was so used to being a mega mom, daughter, sister, wife, friend, employee and this fibroid has forced me to throw in the towel. No one understands what I really go through every day because I mask the pain until I get home but you have witnessed me fall apart and you have been the person that has tried to put me back together! You have dealt with every issue that has come about and you have not judged me for it. This fibroid has put a stress in our lives but I know it has also strengthened our marriage. We are going to lose some things but I promise we will gain so much more! We now know that life is not always going to be like that pretty flower bouquet that I carried on our wedding day! You know...sometimes I feel like damaged goods and that I am not the same person that you married. So, I thank you for being a strong man and standing by my side along with keeping our family together as I have been weakened physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are always so busy taking my worries away that you never tell me how this has affected you. So tonight when you get home from work and climb in the bed... I am going to roll over and lay my head on your chest and cry with open ears. I love you more today than yesterday!