Tyson, my Rock, my Hero, my Soul Mate

by TysonsWife

It amazes me the strength that you have shown from the start. The caring, the tenderness, the understanding. The encouragement that you have given me just when I've needed it most. The laughter, even though it hurts! The tears that you have cried with me, the patience when I've just needed your shoulder. You truly are the greatest man I have ever known and those true colors have come out during my time of need. I hope you know that this has forever changed our marriage because now, if I find myself starting to doubt again, I always remember that your hand has been there Every time I've needed it! You are my everything, my heart and soul. I Love You more than this lifetime will ever allow me to show. I will never stop trying though, something new every day! I Love You! Forever and Always Yours, Sarah