For JD, my calm in the storm

by Marinewife6122

When we met, you didn't know. How could you, that I had had cancer since I was 15. Cervical cancer, endometriosis, poly cystic ovaries, and fibroid tumors had ruled my life for 15 years. We feel in love and I let in on my burden. Not only that but you became a father to my 7 year old autistic son. You've loved us unconditionally. I'll never forget the first time you took me to the hospital in excruciating pain. It was the first time I saw you cry. I relapsed and we were facing hysterectomy. You told me that you supported me no matter what. You held my hand in the hospital before and after surgery. You've worked from home 24/7 for a month so you could take care of me. You've taken on the role of primary care giver to our son during my recovery.
We planned on getting married in August but I had surgery. You told me you didn't care and married me anyway. You gave up a honeymoon because I'm still recovering.
Every day, you tell me I'm beautiful. You tell me over and over that you love me. You hold me until I stop crying and screaming. Even if it's at you. I could never tell you just how much I appreciate you. I am the luckiest woman in the world. I love you more than you'll ever know. And I know we can face anything together in the future.

You're wife,