For Scott McHott

by KrystalR

You have been beyond helpful and supportive. You've taken care of me completely, taken care of the kids, the house, the garden, and still worked two jobs in the meantime to take care of all of us financially. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to have you.
You are there when my family acts like a bunch of lunatics. You are there when I am irrational and emotional, kissing my forehead and promising me that everything will be alright, just as it always is.
After eighteen years, you're still hilarious, still incredibly sexy, and I still miss you every second we are apart. Your love and support during this incredibly weird series of events has been out of this world.
I can't even make sense when I try to convey the happiness you bring me. You make me feel loved, appreciated, and safe. Thank you.
I love you so much more than I can articulate <3 <3 <3