to my family and my bff

by fromohio

Iam so glad I had my family they been great durning all of this long process and my friend who puts up with me and she does they were all their with me at the hospital and at home it's not about the presants but they made my day I have a few crappy days I never express my self but thank you every one who was their on jan 12 I know it was a long day for every one and for the ones who was it there thank you for your concern and prayers that help me though this crazy time in my young lifeI was afraid I have to admit never done this before never been at the hospital before but to vist other people I all ways took great care of my self untill my tumor this one tumor that started this is out iam doing fine but it hurts some days the soreness of it all so thank you all again for being there for me and support iam very lucky the tumor was it cancer.