it should go without saying

by shellstar

After all the years it was finally our time, only to be thrown into turmoil when my illness returned, we never got to be what we should of been, the doors kept on slamming in our faces but we rode it out, all the while me worrying about losing you, and you being there for me no matter what. When you got sick I loved you with everything I had and never left your side, your not 100 percent and won't be for months, and i am just weeks post hyst but your support and love is incomprehensible to me, I cry all the time, I moan and complain about the house being a mess, but in reality your the one trying to hold it together for us, all the problems surrounding us besides our health and the stress that reigns down on us, you try to shield from me, you rub my back when it aches the children ask for nothing, I do hold back from asking things of you as I don't want to add anymore pressure, but throughout you put up with me and love me, and for that I am and will be eternally gratefully, you don't take my guilt or accept my blame and in return all I can hope for is a good recovery so that therr can be some normality to our lives and we can get to where we ought to be. I love you with everything i have and more xxx