I love you even more

by Gardenangels

I knew I could count on you to get me there on time. I knew youd hold my hand. But through this experience Ive grown even more deeply in love with you. It was the ride to the hospital talking about anything but what was about to happen... your voice a little too upbeat.. a little too hurried and your hand reaching over for mine... it was the only sign of your anxiety. Your pacing at the hospital, that look in your eyes... you handled my every need and I understood you held in your own fear for me. Since Ive been home youve climbed in the shower and bathed me, changed my bandages and gotten up every 4 hours around the clock every day and night to make sure I took my meds on time... youve cooked every meal, refilled my glass fluffed my pillows covered me up and brought my heating pad. There isnt anyone on the planet who has cared for me the way that you have... and I hope when you think of me you feel the same way. I was watching you while we sat on the couch last night and caught the most amazing look on your face. It was contentment and peace. We gave a beautiful marriage baby.. and I am so grateful that I get to be your wife.