To The one who treasures me!

by Nan65

To my dear Cahill, Well here we are, seems like it is one thing after another! I am so glad you and I are together. After 28 years of separation we face this together. You and I weren't together for some of the most important things that have happened in our lives, but "being 17 doesn't seem so long ago"!!!

I see that we needed each other in this time of our lives, to get to the finish line we need each other! I know you will give me the emotional support and comfort I need. I know you will lay down with me and hold me through all of this. And I will support you as well. This isn't too big for us! If our love can last through 28 years of silence...well then I know we can make it.

My surgery is less than 2 weeks away! I am looking forward to the relief it will bring and a bit concerned about the things I cannot prepare for, so I can't imagine what you must be feeling about all of this.

We have been together for almost 18 months and I am closer to you than I have ever been to anyone in my life. No matter what, know that I love you and I have always loved you. We did the best we could without each other, now with each other I know we can move mountains...

You are literally my world! Thank you my beautiful man!