The Love of my Life, Mark!

by NewYawkahBroad

My precious gift!

You stayed with me in the ER sitting with and comforting me. Made fun of me while I was high on Morphine so I wouldn't be so scared.

You didn't leave my side until they threw you out.

You held, kissed, and cried over my dog when he had to be put down while I was still in the hospital.

I'd like to thank you for vacuuming, doing dishes and laundry but you always do these things!

You never tire of hearing about my fears for our future because of my hysterectomy. You even cheered for me when I found this site!

You are the love of my life. You are my very best friend. You're my perpetual 6th grader and 'the carrier of my books'.

I adore you with everything I have and am.

"Come What May", my HOT Italian lover!

Your NewYawkahBroad